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Reston Town Center Trick or Treating-not so much a Treat anymore.


I have been taking my kid out to Reston Town Center for the trick or treating event for years. It used to have a stage with a costume contest, a crafts area, hayride, the whole fall fest vibe. I loved it. My kid loved it. All of our friends loved it. Background on RTC If you have not been out to this area, it is a must see. It is a planned downtown area with the “goodie” stores that malls have and the fab restaurants without the HUGE MALL to contend with. It also has an outdoor rink that opens the 1st of November. There are concerts there during the summer, they have a renovated movie theater and it is essentially a pedestrian area for all to enjoy.

So, we went yesterday which was quite a trek after being at an event in the district, but we were pumped. The costume this year that my child wore was more original than before. We start walking around and quickly notice the costumed kids. But we also noticed that there were not many of them. Which is odd if you have ever been before. So, we walked around for an hour and covered every store and restaurant there. Only about 20 percent of the retailers participated which I found to be sucky. Apple and Starbucks never participate which is soooo annoying being that people that are typical parent ages are the biggest supporters of their stores.

My daughter who is an optimist and happy about pretty much any festival we go to, said: “This is so lame mommy. What happened to all of the places joining in and giving out candy?” I concede completely. What happened? Is the economy so bad that Apple can’t stick a bowl outside of their door with Nestle Crunch in there? I got so annoyed, because I was prepared to shop at some of the places. I had plans to go into Sephora, but decided not to give to their store because they could not be good sports and give out candy. One place that gets HONORABLE MENTION is Red Velvet Cupcakery. They made cute little cupcakes that were minis, perfect for kids, and were busy baking which is a lot more tough that a 5 dollar bag of candy. It costs a bunch more and takes more man power to serve the excited children.

I will go back to Reston Town Center. I will eat at Jackson’s again. I will go back to Brighton, the Running Store, Busara, the cool store across from Panera, the Mayflower florist, Williams-Sonoma, Gap Kids (thanks for coupon and no candy!), Ben and Jerrys  and the other nice and accommodating retailers that got into the spirit. The other places, not so much. I am wondering if RTC should just call it off if people are going to be such sour-pusses about being a part of it.


Annandale Fall Fest on October 26th



Looking for a multi-cultural experience but do not want to venture all the way to the district? The parade starts at 10 am and there is a festival afterwards. The parade is around an hour and appeals to people from all cultures. The festival itself is from10 to 5 at the Safeway parking lot on Little River Turnpike in Annandale if you are not interested in the parade itself. This is the 63rd year. Come and see what all of the hype is about!


Want a dose of snobbery? Go to Loft at Fairfax Corner…


I love Loft as a chain. Do not get me wrong. Cute sweaters, dresses, accessories. I shop there on and off when I can and when I can fit the outfits. I am a 14, so some things do not look good on me. Anyway, the people who work there act as if they stepped out of Downton Abbey. Give me a break! You work in retail. Therefore you cannot be a snob. When you try to, you embarrass yourself and everyone around you.

I have always been pissed when I shop places and people act as if waiting on customers is such an effort. I have worked in retail and I was kind to people. I wanted the store to do well because I cared and I wanted to keep my job. Do people just not care anymore? Is Loft doing so well that they do not need us, we should need them?

I am sure if I wrote to corporate they would not be happy. Maybe I will. I had to do the same thing at a Lucy store. I do not expect the Nordstrom treatment of personal shoppers and bottled water, but treat people with respect when they come and shop and are in effect keeping people in their jobs.

Take a peek around there. Tell me what you think. This blog is not written from a snapshot shopping experience. I go out to Fairfax Corner several times per month and have been in Loft perhaps15 times or more. Maybe this blog will get back to them and they will fire the sorority sisters and hire real women that need to work and care about what they are doing and how they are treating others…