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Hello all!

I hope that your Saturday was as fab as mine. The truth is, besides the cleaning up of the Highway for my princess’ troop, we just hung out. We skipped other obligations and went to the mall and then lunch and then Barnes and Noble. It was a perfect day and was not over planned. So unlike me actually.

Anyway, my reason for writing on “fall back” night is I forgot to mention that all of the outdoor rinks are opening now! Reston Town Center’s opened on November the 1st. We were at National Gallery of Art a week ago and I saw that they were prepping for the rink there. (It opens on the 19th!) Lastly, the Pentagon Row opened on the 1st as well, and I just found out that they give birthday parties and they are way less expensive than any of the parties my dear princess has had.

I hope that you guys had a good weekend and did something more exciting than I. However, if you were as wiped out as we are, perhaps you relaxed. Time to crash for me-despite the hour change. Though it is really midnight after we change the time, my body feels like it is around 1 am and that is the time that I usually crash.

à toute à l’heure