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Been away for awhile. Now I am back with a vengeance…:)


Hi! I have my Master’s and now I am back at my two blogs. Well actually, I started my other one up a month ago. This time with Dana and the District, I have decided to mention places and events. Sometimes in advance, and sometimes after I have attended them to let you know if it is worth going later that week or weekend or in some cases the next year.  I will give my humble opinion on customer service, prices, quality, annoyances, etc. 

I will list some of my favorite spots to chill. Places that are not worth going to and why, etc. I hope that you guys like this new format. There are tons of blogs on here and facebook talking about upcoming events and I wanted to be different. I will be a critic of sorts.:) I will critique and you can add your thoughts or experiences if you like. The more participation the better because we get a better picture of the business, event or venue.

Thanks for reading and for your patience.