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Been gone for nearly a year. I am back this time for real


So, in the last year, I can hardly tell you what I have done. All I know is time has flown so quickly! Once the new year hit, it seems like time was sped up. Winter finally ended and before I know it summer ended and now, fall has been going on for a few month. My daughter has gotten into acting full time pretty much. So, balancing classes I am taking and 2 part time jobs plus home schooling her, days melt away. One thing I love is that we are together for all of it. She is with me when I work, I am with her when she acts, and all of the time in between. I am so glad that I can be right there while my kid grows up.

About me, I am kind of sort of trying the online dating thing with no luck. I daydream almost every day of meeting the perfect fit for me on a plane, on a train, or at the store. A man who can love me and my life and we just mesh well. End of story. I don’t expect perfection, but I do have higher standards than I did in the past. I just want a person that is smart, fun, drama-free and who is a good man. So, after trying zoosk and a couple of other sites, I am just like blahhh. I don’t know if I am on the sites because I am ready or if I just want to see if I can still catch men.:) I haven’t been on but a few dates, even though I have had hundreds of replies. I am a bit scared because my taste in the past has been less than. (my ex-husband)

Anyway, about D.C. My main hanging spots are Mosaic District, and the city itself. I am over Fairfax Corner, Arlington is pretty cool, but I feel like that scene is more for 20’s/ and young 30’s. I am on the older end of the Arlington crowd. Dupont area is actually my absolute favorite place to be if I my daughter is at a sleepover or camping trip. I checked out Mimosa March a couple of weeks ago, and could not believe how happening some places were at 4 pm! Gryphon and Mad Hatter were like party zones! I also discovered 18th Street Lounge earlier this year. I am afar from a golden girl, but I am not a 20 something. I will say this-I grew up in the 80’s. So I am not trying to hang with 25 year olds. The 18th Street Lounge had a mix of people. There were not just 20’s and 30’s, but people in their 40’s as well. It was eclectic to say the least:)

To be honest, I do not have that much free time away from my kid, so I cannot get out to a lot of events that are not revolved around kids. But one event that is coming up that we are all over is the Concert for Valor. Some of my faves will be there! Well one for sure-Meryl Streep. Rihanna, Eminem and Carrie Underwood, Steven Spielberg are a few more names worth mentioning. The big problem, is we fly back in that day. So getting down to the mall is going to be a real interesting event. They have capped the number of people at 800,000. I have no clue how they will keep up with that! But we are sure as heck going to try to be a part of the crew. I can say one thing, I do not want to be all at the Washington Monument to watch it, or we might as well keep our butts at home. But I encourage those of you in D.C. to try to get down there, and for everyone else, watch it on HBO. It is a concert to commemorate all of our veterans, and that is worth fighting to get down there for, outside of celebrity appearances.

Hope that you all can squeeze in to be a part of it. Who knows? Maybe you will be standing next to us?!


Sandwich shop at the Mosaic is not as made to order as it was…


Went down to the Mosaic in Merrifield after attending church closer to the District. I love any excuse to visit the Mosaic. We were so headed to this sandwich and salad spot that we love. I was looking forward to my “goat cheese beads” in their yummy salad-can’t remember the name of the salad. My daughter was hyped about getting their mac cheese that is the most scrumptious that we have had without being coated in cheese. It is made with spiral pasta and a lighter color cheese and is prepped on a skillet.

Long story short. They cut the menu. A lot! They took off many of the good salads-most of them. There is now one item for children to eat-grilled cheese. Why do the wonderful independent restaurants do crazy thing like change their menus totally around when what they were doing works?

I love their food still, but wish they would go back to original format of their menu. Hopefully they will see my plea and give in:)


Why I LOVE the Mosaic District in Merrifield/Fairfax


Okay, Merrifield used to be somewhat of a dump. Admit it. The post office is the only thing on that street that still resembles the old dumpy days. Now, the Mosaic arrived and all is right in the world of Northern Virginians. The Mosaic is off of 29 and Gallows Road, located near Vienna, Falls Church and Tysons. 

There is a fab glassed facade Target with escalators for the carts and your body. There is ample parking for the Target and surrounding stores and eateries in the free parking garages. Below Target are really yummy and organic style restaurants. Taylor Made is my daughter’s fave kids meal and I love their salad with the Goat Cheese. I can’t remember the name, but that is one cool and unique sandwich and salad place. The industrial look is killer!

Across from Taylor Gourmet There is the beautimous Angelika Theater reminiscent of Soho, or somewhere cool that is too glass all around. There is a chandelier inside and a bar to have drinks and wine and cheese pairings-swoon! Even though I have a kid, I am so glad that there are no kids movies there! Nice to go somewhere in the burbs that are not just for families. Outside of the theater there is an awesome large screen that shows live concerts, cool artsy videos, family movie night stuff, Cartoons and Coffee on Saturdays. LOVE IT!

There are some of the regular chains that are hip like Anthropologie, which is always fun and I love Neiman Marcus Last Call. So much better than Nordstrom Rack. Which is funny, b/c I love Nordstrom and despise Neiman’s probably because I can’t afford it. I digress. I also think that Mom’s Organic Market is cute. Cava Mezze is also there for yum cuisine along with Le Pain Quotidien which is the most darling French style bistro ever.

I cannot forget to mention the specialty chocolate shop and the various clothing retailers below Target. There are too many to put on this page. I will speak of them in detail next time I write of Mosaic. What the Mosaic brings to NOVA is special. DC comes to the burbs literally. There are solid restaurants, good shopping and funky and different events there all of the time. They just had fashion week there. Pretty cool. Also, there is a tiny fountain in front of the movies for the little ones. 

Check it out. Trust me. You will not regret it. http://www.mosaicdistrict.com/