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Cannot believe it is time to do outdoor ice skating again!!!


Reston Town Center opens its outdoor rink on November 1st! That time again! I list this one first, because it has tons of nearby free parking, it is smaller and there are great place to grab food and drinks within steps of the rink.

Pentagon Row outdoor rink opens on November 15th. The parking here is tough, but there are tons of shops and stores nearby. If you are truly desperate for parking, you can part at Pentagon City Mall which is not steps away, but is not really that bad of a walk.

The Sculpture Garden ice rink opens on November 14th and wins 4 stars from me because of how picturesque it is. There are a lot of great older people during the week who can really skate their behinds off! It is kind of surprising, but they are definitely regulars. The view is magnificent, the rink size is decent and the skate rental prices are not astronomical. Parking is tough, so metro or go during the week early like we do if you have that flexibility.

Washington Harbor Ice Skating Rink is fairly new and I have not been there. But I know that it is larger than Rockefeller Center, which means it is sizable because we have ice skate at RFC. This rink opens mid-November, but there is no confirmed date. The view of the Potomac is gotta be pretty rad. When we visit, I will give more info.

Canal Park ice rink is one that I can’t wait to try. It opens on November 8th, and has an odd shape with a figure eight. I think that would be really neat. It is nestled between 295 and 395 by the Anacostia River. This is an emerging neighborhood and the closest metro would be the Navy Yard Stop.

There are year-round skating rinks that are indoor, like Pershing Rink or Fairfax Ice Arena. But to me, there is something to be said for mittens, scarves, scenery and hot chocolate accompanying a wonderful and exhilarating ice skating workout:)




Hello all!

I hope that your Saturday was as fab as mine. The truth is, besides the cleaning up of the Highway for my princess’ troop, we just hung out. We skipped other obligations and went to the mall and then lunch and then Barnes and Noble. It was a perfect day and was not over planned. So unlike me actually.

Anyway, my reason for writing on “fall back” night is I forgot to mention that all of the outdoor rinks are opening now! Reston Town Center’s opened on November the 1st. We were at National Gallery of Art a week ago and I saw that they were prepping for the rink there. (It opens on the 19th!) Lastly, the Pentagon Row opened on the 1st as well, and I just found out that they give birthday parties and they are way less expensive than any of the parties my dear princess has had.

I hope that you guys had a good weekend and did something more exciting than I. However, if you were as wiped out as we are, perhaps you relaxed. Time to crash for me-despite the hour change. Though it is really midnight after we change the time, my body feels like it is around 1 am and that is the time that I usually crash.

à toute à l’heure