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Reston Town Center Trick or Treating-not so much a Treat anymore.


I have been taking my kid out to Reston Town Center for the trick or treating event for years. It used to have a stage with a costume contest, a crafts area, hayride, the whole fall fest vibe. I loved it. My kid loved it. All of our friends loved it. Background on RTC If you have not been out to this area, it is a must see. It is a planned downtown area with the “goodie” stores that malls have and the fab restaurants without the HUGE MALL to contend with. It also has an outdoor rink that opens the 1st of November. There are concerts there during the summer, they have a renovated movie theater and it is essentially a pedestrian area for all to enjoy.

So, we went yesterday which was quite a trek after being at an event in the district, but we were pumped. The costume this year that my child wore was more original than before. We start walking around and quickly notice the costumed kids. But we also noticed that there were not many of them. Which is odd if you have ever been before. So, we walked around for an hour and covered every store and restaurant there. Only about 20 percent of the retailers participated which I found to be sucky. Apple and Starbucks never participate which is soooo annoying being that people that are typical parent ages are the biggest supporters of their stores.

My daughter who is an optimist and happy about pretty much any festival we go to, said: “This is so lame mommy. What happened to all of the places joining in and giving out candy?” I concede completely. What happened? Is the economy so bad that Apple can’t stick a bowl outside of their door with Nestle Crunch in there? I got so annoyed, because I was prepared to shop at some of the places. I had plans to go into Sephora, but decided not to give to their store because they could not be good sports and give out candy. One place that gets HONORABLE MENTION is Red Velvet Cupcakery. They made cute little cupcakes that were minis, perfect for kids, and were busy baking which is a lot more tough that a 5 dollar bag of candy. It costs a bunch more and takes more man power to serve the excited children.

I will go back to Reston Town Center. I will eat at Jackson’s again. I will go back to Brighton, the Running Store, Busara, the cool store across from Panera, the Mayflower florist, Williams-Sonoma, Gap Kids (thanks for coupon and no candy!), Ben and Jerrys  and the other nice and accommodating retailers that got into the spirit. The other places, not so much. I am wondering if RTC should just call it off if people are going to be such sour-pusses about being a part of it.




Hello all!

I hope that your Saturday was as fab as mine. The truth is, besides the cleaning up of the Highway for my princess’ troop, we just hung out. We skipped other obligations and went to the mall and then lunch and then Barnes and Noble. It was a perfect day and was not over planned. So unlike me actually.

Anyway, my reason for writing on “fall back” night is I forgot to mention that all of the outdoor rinks are opening now! Reston Town Center’s opened on November the 1st. We were at National Gallery of Art a week ago and I saw that they were prepping for the rink there. (It opens on the 19th!) Lastly, the Pentagon Row opened on the 1st as well, and I just found out that they give birthday parties and they are way less expensive than any of the parties my dear princess has had.

I hope that you guys had a good weekend and did something more exciting than I. However, if you were as wiped out as we are, perhaps you relaxed. Time to crash for me-despite the hour change. Though it is really midnight after we change the time, my body feels like it is around 1 am and that is the time that I usually crash.

à toute à l’heure


Again, like George Washington-I cannot tell a lie…


Well we did not go to Georgie Porgie’s home school fest at Mount Vernon today because my daughter did not feel like it. I think that she is worn out because we rip and run all of the time, plus she stayed up coughing last night. I was relieved though because it was pretty cold and windy the whole day. If any of you guys went, I would like to here about it. Hope that it was a blast! We babysat today, ate an early dinner-4ish! Then we came home and watched The Order of the Phoenix-love it-and played games. Then we spent 2 hours doing home school stuff. Believe it or not, we only have Adopt-a-highway tomorrow and tennis. Not major outings for us. Sunday we have church and a luncheon and she has tap in the late afternoon.

But, this is a list of some of the things going on this weekend and month: Fotoweek is pretty fab. It started at 8:30 tonight-oops I am late! It began at Corcoran Gallery of Art with DJ with cocktails and hors d’uevres. Why am I not there? I love that place!
“Now officially FotoDC, the organization has evolved from a city-centric photography festival to a multi-season tribute to photography in all its forms. While the largest offering remains the annual festival, FotoDC now holds functions throughout the year. In 2011, FotoDC’s new year-round programming included the innovative exhibition entitled Flash in Crystal City, the first ever Cherry Blossom Photo Contest and the opening of FotoSpace, a new gallery and office space in the Adams Morgan neighborhood. Our inaugural exhibition was “Speaking to Silence” with partners Human Rights Watch and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.” Sounds major!

Another hip and cultural thing for the grownups is the AFI European Union Film Showcase and that is through 11/22 in Silver Spring.

Lastly in the arts category is the Phillips Collection 90th anniversary. I love the Phillips Collection. To think that Monet was at one time considered modern art is mind boggling.

For the nerd in you, Arlington Puzzle Fest is on 11/15. This is a cross between crosswords and Sudoku. For some this may be a winner, but I think that I will get a pedi that day. (Truth is, I am jealous because I suck at math)

Help the Homeless Walk is on the 19th for the givers our there. It is sponsored by Fannie Mae and is only 3.1 miles. So get off of your fanny and do your part guys!

Also on the 19th is St. Jude’s give thanks walk. It will be held all over the nation, but here it will be held at Tyson’s and Woodbridge. Wow, did they purposely pick places that were such polar opposites? This is also a 5k, which is easy peasy. So come on and help out the kiddos!

Speaking of charitable events, helping out in a soup kitchen would be great for you guys who are staying in town for “Turkey Day.” I was just telling a friend that I would love to do that with my kid one year, but we are flying out that week, so we are out this year.

Here are a few: SOME-( hosts a fun run for, JCC in DC prepares a yummy feast, Food and Friends provides meals for women, men and children with HIV, another worthy cause is Capital Area Food Bank’s brown bag program-delivery services and monetary donations are welcome and needed.

One event that is fun for the family, on November 25th is Reston town center’s Christmas parade and tree lighting. If you have not been to Reston town center, it is a treat!

Lastly, National Harbor’s Christmas/holiday open air market, lights festival and fireworks on the 25th as well. The holiday market is open the 25th through the 27th and this will totally be another fabu family event.

à tout à l’heure